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When did you start drawing seriously?

I started drawing when I was around 2, but gravitated towards a more anime style at around 9 or 10.

What are your tools of trade?

I use Painttool Sai and photoshop CS2

How do you make your stickers?

I print them myself! I’ve tried a few different sticker paper brands but my favorite is LD Products. You can find them on Amazon.

Can I use your art for my icon/blog?

I’d prefer if you can send me an ask beforehand! Unless it is a commission or something I drew specifically for someone, 99% of the time I will say yes if you credit, but I still prefer if you could ask beforehand. Thanks for understanding!

How can I buy your stickers?

You can find them at my online store. I am a few conventions throughout the year. If you’d like to ask me which cons or suggest a con to attend you can send me a message!

What kind of tablet do you use?

I currently use a Wacom Intuos 5 in a size medium. It’s name is Geneviere. Gene for short.

Which conventions are you going to in 2014?

I will be going to:
  • Anime on Display
  • Kraken Con
  • Anime Central
  • Fanime
  • A-kon
  • AnimeExpo
  • Otakon
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